The Union Island Environmental Alliance Stock Footage Database was created with funding from the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), co-financed by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature, Conservation, and Nuclear Safety through KFW, with further generous support by other donors to Fauna & Flora International (FFI) including the Betty Liebert Trust. This database is maintained by the Union Island Environmental Alliance (UIEA). The initial content was funded by Halcyon Land and Sea and is owned by FFI. The database contains various pictures and videos of Union Island’s villages, nature, marine life, culture, history, and more. It is designed with future growth in mind and currently contains:


This database is part of our constant effort to empower the people, organisations, and other stakeholders of Union Island and promotion Union Island on a local, regional, and global level.

Whether you are a Union Island tourism operator, school student, researcher, working for a government agency, or NGO and need stock footage of your beautiful island, take advantage of this database.

You may use it for proposals, research, publications, advertisement, marketing, school projects, social media, and more.

All footage is publicly available and can be used free of charge.

All we require from you is to use the correct citation when you publish database footage. All files have a watermark, which is sufficient as citation. Nevertheless, if you want to use a cropped version of the files, please use citation including copyright holder and name of photographer, e.g.: “© FFI / Jacob Bock”. You can find further information on usage rules in the usage agreement:

Union Island Environmental Alliance Stock Footage Database Usage Agreement

If you require access to files without watermark or raw files, we ask you to register on a separate page. This allows us to better monitor the success of this database and prevent misconduct. To access raw files and files without watermark, click here.

    Watch our short database introduction video for further information, example pictures and videos, and guide on the database: