Increased Water Storage Capacity – Canouan

Project Description

In Canouan there is no public water system, residents rely on rainwater harvesting for their entire water supply. The climate in the grenadines is already semi-arid 45- 60 inches of rain per year and climate change is predicted to cause the amount of rainfall to decrease further.  Water for residential use is obtained largely from collection of roof water which is stored in cisterns or above ground in ferro- cement or plastic tanks.

Most residences are in need of greater volumes of water to meet the expansion of households and to adjust to improved health standards and life style changes. There is urgent need to ensure that the population has a safe and adequate supply of water. The residents are therefore proposing a water supply improvement project in which plastic water tanks can be provided to households.

The greatest disparities of how drought affects residents are determined by economic class.  Deficiencies in water supplies, primarily affect the poorest segments of the population, particularly during extended dry spells.  These factors leave the population of Canouan very vulnerable to drought conditions. Men, women, children and the elderly are all impacted by drought conditions.

The last severe drought (2009-2010) resulted in water being brought to the Grenadine Islands by boats. Purchasing water is a huge cost for families; 1000 gallon water is $210.00 ec per household.

The Project

This project entails the enhancement of water storage capacity on Canouan and Union Island by providing 50, 1000-gallon water tanks to selected households in Canouan and 25 additional 1000-gallon water tanks to households on Union Island, who did not acquire tanks through previous similar projects implemented by Union Island Environmental Attackers.

In addition, residents will be educated on how to collect high-quality water and how to conserve water, given the high demand and limited supply of water available on the island. We will train householders on how to use some basic methods for treating their water to ensure it is safe.

This project will ensure that the residents of Canouan and Union are much better equipped to deal with drought conditions.  Fifty tanks will be provided in Canouan, each with a capacity of 1000 gallons.  Thus water storage capacity on the island will be increased by 50,000 gallons. One thousand gallons of water may last up to two to three months depending on the number of persons living in the household; the same water is used for cooking, bathing and washing etc.

The tanks will be allocated in an equitable fashion that will ensure that those least able to cope with drought conditions will be a priority.  An application survey will be distributed to every household on island to ensure that all residents have equal opportunity to apply. Members of Union Island Environmental Attackers who will be distributing the survey will provide assistance to anyone who may not be able to fill out the application, for example, those who are visually impaired or illiterate.


To provide 75 1000-gallon water tanks to vulnerable residents of Canouan and Union Island by January 2019

1.    Host community meeting to launch the project

2.    Distribute water tanks application forms to residents

3. Visiting households to verify information.

4. Carryout a selection process for eligible households

To procure equipment and material for installation of water tanks by December 2018

1. Purchase water tanks

2. Purchase material and equipment for the construction of the platform (cement, sand, gravel, stone, etc)

3. Install tanks

To increase public awareness on water conservation practices to approximately 100 households, including proper sanitation, as well as sensitization on the effects of climate change by October 2018

1. Produce and air Radio programmes about effects of climate change and need for local adaptation.

2. Community meetings to inform people about water conservation and proper maintenance of the tanks.

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