Welcome to the UIEA activities page. We have developed a number of fun and informative activities for visitors to enjoy that we hope will ensure you make the most of your time on Union Island.

We are an environmental organisation and as such all our activities have a nature-positive and eco-friendly philosophy behind them.

Over many years the UIEA has undertaken many community and environmental themed projects to support sustainable development on the island. One of the reasons behind our development of these activities is to generate additional revenue to support our team and our activities as we continue to make Union Island a better place to live and a better place to visit.

So if you book an activity with us, thank you! Your support of our organisation is very much appreciated.

Join our local guides for an adventure in our unique Rafale 13 wooden sea kayaks built right here on Union Island. These streamlined and stable craft are perfect for exploring the waters of secluded Chatham Bay and the specially designed viewing portal in the hull allows you also enjoy the views under the water as you paddle. Be sure to watch out for turtles, rays, eels, lobsters and myriad species of fish as you paddle! 

No previous experience is necessary. A basic level of fitness is required. Lifejackets and all necessary equipment are provided.

Kayak Tour Options:

Chatham Bay Circumnavigation - Duration approximately 1-1.5hr. This guided morning tour of Chatham Bay starts and finishes at the southern end of Chatham Bay at the beautiful Tenuta Chatham Bay Resort where you will enjoy a cold beer or soft drink and gourmet pizza included within your tour package, you can also enjoy the pool, bar and restaurant area.

During your kayak tour you will paddle up the length of the bay taking in the schools of fish and the seabirds as they dive for their dinner. Then you will make your way along the sheltered Northern side of the bay beneath the cliffs of Rafale Hill, where you can look out for lobsters and other marine life among the reef, through the viewing portal between your knees whilst your guide provides further information on the Chatham Bay Key Biodiversity Area. Then it's time to head downwind to the southern side of the bay before returning to the beach for some refreshment.

This is an ideal experience for those wanting to get some time on the water in a relaxing and fun way, whilst enjoying some gentle exercise. Your guide will ensure your safety and enjoyment from start to finish.


$75USD per person

Includes: safety briefing, a beer or soft drink, and a pizza from the menu at Tenuta Resort on your return to the beach.

Return transport from Ashton or Clifton to Tenuta Resort Chatham Bay can be arranged for $15USD per person (2 person minimum)

Chatham Bay Sunset Paddle

This is a very special experience, take in the spectacular sunset from a front seat afloat, cradled within the majesty of Chatham Bay. A lot of wildlife becomes active during the coming of dusk so it's a great opportunity to quietly take in the action as you propel yourself along the beach. Duration is approximately 1 hour. 


$65USD per person

Includes: safety briefing and a beer or soft drink to accompany a pizza from the menu at Tenuta Resort on your return to the beach.

Return transport from Ashton or Clifton to Tenuta Resort Chatham Bay can be arranged for $15USD per person (2 person minimum)


Clifton to Chatham Bay Downwinder

For the more adventurous and those who want to spend longer on the water this is a must-do! Starting in a sheltered cove on the South coast of Union Island you will paddle with the wind and current propelling you along the stunning turquoise waters inside the fringing reef and through the restored Ashton Lagoon, where you will see how nature is reclaiming the manmade structures of a long failed marina development. The mangroves provide shelter and a haven for marine wildlife and birds. 

You will pass Frigate Rock and possibly a number of kite surfers as you head to Campbell Beach where you will haul out for some refreshment and relaxation on the white sand beach. If you have extra energy you can hike up to the Basin that once contained valuable freshwater for the community and up to an old Fort which still has cannons and an unbeatable view south over Petit Martinique and Carriacou. 

Back in your trusty vessel it's then along the SW coastline and around the point to paddle into Chatham Bay and a refreshing drink and yummy pizza at Tenuta Chatham Resort before you are transported back to Clifton.  

Duration is approximately 4 hours. 


$105USD per person

Includes: safety briefing and a beer or soft drink to accompany a pizza from the menu at Tenuta Resort on your arrival.

Rent one of our top of the line Aventon Aventure e-bikes for the perfect mode of transport to explore Union Island at your own pace. These eco-friendly bikes won't clog up Union Island's roads and provide you with just enough assistance to power up the island's steepest roads with ease. But if you want a workout you can also enjoy the thrill of doing so under your own steam. 


Half Day (4hrs) - $35USD

Full Day (8hrs) - $60USD

Week (7 days) - $300USD


Helmet, lock, charger, full use & safety briefing.

As with all vehicle rentals a security deposit ($250USD) is mandatory for all rentals and will be held against your credit card until the bike and equipment are returned and inspected by our representative.  

Get guided around the island in eco-chic style aboard the UIEA's own e-Tuk. This environmentally friendly vehicle can take you where you want to go and your driver can point out places of interest and help you get your bearings for your time on the island. This is the ideal way to see Union Island if you are only here for a few hours, or you want to orient yourself on the first day of your visit.  

Union Island Orientation Tour

Start your tour in Clifton heading to the Ashton Community via Jerome and returning via the north coast. This tour allows you to view and be informed of the various restaurants, shops, and activities that you can experience vacationing on the island.  

Duration: 45 mins

Price:  $15USD per person (4 people maximum)


eTuk-Tuk Historic Tour

Revisit Union Island's historic past and learn about its people and culture while on the tour. 

You will delve into the various phenomena of the island while visiting various sites and being exposed to the spectacular picturesque scenery. 

The question that is yet to be answered is; "Why was such a small island as Union Island more fortified than any other island in this region?" - Book a tour now!

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Price:  $40USD per person (4 people maximum)

Union Island is a haven for native and migratory birds. The UIEA has some passionate birders who will be happy to show you the best spots for birding including the Ashton Lagoon.

Timing: 1hr (5.30 to 6.30 am) 

Price: 35 USD per person

Some of the species you may see include: 

Blue Night-heron

Green Heron

Brown Pelican

Tri Colour Heron

Ruddy Stone Tern

Wilson Plover

Semipalmated Sandpiper and many more. 

The UIEA has undertaken an annual turtle monitoring program since 2010. By joining one of their nightly patrols in the turtle nesting season April-July, you will help to support their important work to help sustain and monitor these critically endangered species. Union Island has some beaches on which the magnificent leatherback turtle lays her eggs. Are you feeling lucky? If so you may get to see one of these ancient marine giants or their tiny hatchlings up close for yourself. 

Contact us to enquire about our schedule of monitoring activities to see if any are taking place during your visit. 

Price: $25 USD per person (Dress Code: Dark Clothing and Sneakers are advised as footwear)

Duration: 2.5hrs

The UIEA undertakes a number of conservation and restoration related activities over the year. If you are interested in getting involved in one of our activities when on the island, get in touch and we can let you know what we have going on and how you can join in. We request a donation to our organisation for taking part and as a guide for a half day of activity we would seek an amount in the region of $50USD, and for a full day around $100USD.